Saturday, December 5, 2009

On the radio in Fresno last week

I was on KMJ last week, which is in Fresno.

They were talking about the CARB issue and a caller was talking about my coverage and so I thought I'd call in.

The host Ray Appleton and I go WAAAAAAY back. I've known him for years being a Fresno homegirl. He was very nice and we chatted for a while.

Someone downloaded that portion of the show and sent it to me. I'm attempting to put it on our site here, if I can make it work!

Or, if that doesn't work, try HERE.

Check it out if you have nothing better to do. (I think I sound goofy.)

Another great gift for the animal lover and cook on your list

The Cat People, a great organization, dedicated to rescuing dumped kitties and at least spay/neutering feral cats, has a cookbook out, just in time for Christmas.

NO, there are NO recipes that use cat!

It's only $10 and all the money goes to programs to help find homes for Bakersfield's overwhelming unwanted cat population.

This has been a very tough year I've heard from both The Cat People and the Kern County Animal Shelter, both of which are getting waves and waves of kittens and cats.

So help the cause and give a great gift for the holidays!

Find out more at their website

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Burglar operation working the county?

I posted on my work blog about a weird encounter last night that sounds very similar to a door-to-door burglary operation that was working southwest Bakersfield last month.

Almost immediately, I heard from a woman who lives in Delano that the same thing happened (very similar description of the person) about a month ago.

Is Kern being targetted by some new criminal operation? Or has this gone on all the time but email and blogs are letting us all find out sooner?

Here's the email from the gal in Delano:
Just wanted to share with you the "Suspicious Guy At My Door" was also at our door in Delano about 5 weeks ago. My husband happened to be outside and the guy was insistent my husband allow him in our home but my husband refused. My 12 year old son remembers him and he perfectly matches your description. Apparently, he is working the entire county. We live in the Morningside area of Delano.

About two months ago, I was home sick and had my perimeter security alarm set. Someone knocked on my door. (They wouldn't ring the doorbell) I didn't answer the door but the guy knocked harder and harder on the door. It finally sounded like he was going to beat the door in. I peeked out an upstairs window and did not see a car or anyone around my house. Finally, this young black man walked down my driveway and started down the street. Then, he abruptly turned around and from behind the bushes and trees at the corner of my house, four more black guys stepped out of hiding. Thinking they might be going to break in, I hit the window and made a clatter so they would know someone was in the house. I believe with all my heart they would have stormed into my home if I had answered the door. (I don't have a screen or security gate.)

Thanks for the blog post informing people of these robbers.


Couple of doggie notes from Tehachapi

If you're considering adopting a dog, why not an older fellow? Here's one guy who came to my attention recently, Arnie.

Arnie is a quiet, reserved little gentleman (purebred Chihuahua) weighing in at about 10 years old.

The only time Arnie gets really excited is when you take him for a walk. He loves it and since he has a pound or two to lose, Arnie needs someone who will take him for a daily stroll.

Arnie gets along with other dogs, cats but not chickens. He’s real curious about chickens and tends to lick his lips.

Arnie has been neutered, is up to date on shots and is microchipped. He is looking for a retired couple to lavish affection on him as he is a bit of an introvert.

Call Have-a-Heart Humane Society at 661-823-7649 or 661-557-7876 (cell)

Perfect Christmas gift for dog lovers on your list

Avoid the rush, buy yours NOW!!! (get two, they're small)

A new device that can help sort out your mutt’s breed, or breeds, can also help other pups in need.

The Tehachapi Radio Shack on West Valley Boulevard, is selling Doggie DNA kits to help Rainbow Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving animals in the Tehachapi, California City, Mojave, Boron and Edwards areas.

Rainbow Rescue has rescued and rehomed hundreds of puppies, stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs over the last decade.

The DNA kit is $10, of which 100 percent goes to Rainbow Rescue.

Swab your dog’s cheek and send it to the manufacturer along with $49.95 for processing and in two weeks they will send your dog’s full breed composition (up to 5 levels). The information can help you understand the unique personality traits of your dog, warn you about the dog’s predisposition to disease and genetic health concerns.

You can purchase the kits at the Tehachapi Radio shack, 1121 W. Valley Blvd., Ste. A, Tehachapi, CA 93561 (corner of Tucker Road and Valley Blvd.) or you can send a check made out to Rainbow Rescue/Radio Shack to the same address for however many kits you would like.

Chelley Kitzmiller, who owns the Radio Shack dealership and volunteers for Rainbow Rescue, will then send the manufacturer your address and they will send the kits.

Sorry for not posting

I've been busy with my other blog on The Californian's site and it's just a lot to try and run both blogs!

I'll try and post more here as well.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

When will we ever learn?

More development sins from our past. See my column for details.

OK, it's easy to point fingers at dumb mistakes made by other people, but how are we going to clean it up now?

Wait to see on Tuesday who has the political guts to do that little job!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Find these culprits and put them away!

This is horrible. I can't believe someone would do this and yet, it's happened here in our "life as it should be" town not once but twice.